Dropdown / Combobox - Retrieve selected value

I am trying to webscrape a dynamic popup multitabbed window to get the actual value of fields. When i use the regular webscraping tools on the window it pulls over everything out of order from all three tabs. if i try one element at a time it does pull over a lot of what i need, but any combobox it pulls all the options not just what is displayed. By looking through the development pane I have been able to find where on the websites coding it is storying the actual values, but i have not been able to make “get attributes” work correctly. below is a screen shot of my findings. what i am looking for is highlighted on the far right. on chrome it is on the computed properties tab of the developer pane “value:”

the most success i have had so far is using a find children/ for each loop and putting a read OCR withing that, but it takes 20x longer than pulling directly would take and i have to do this scrape for about 20,000 times or more records.

someone has mentioned a javascript injection on another post that looked somewhat similar but i lack the vocabulary to properly search what i need to accomplish that.


May we ask you to share the URL with us?

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no problem, but the example screens are behind a login and password. But! I found an example from the open facing part of their website that seems similar.

https://cvvaccine.nmhealth.org/ >then click create new profile the first large blue blue box
then scroll down element is the “select occupation dropdown”

" id=“pre-reg-occupation” required" is the element screen shot below

i selected convenience store and it appears as a computed property under accessibility tree

edit 25 min later

i noticed when looking through the UIexplorer that the information pulls in the “property explorer” pane under the properties “selecteditem” and “selecteditems”. hmm how do i pull those?

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okay I kept clicking and clicking and poking and figured it out.
used the get attribute activity, then i opened it in the uiexplorer option i changed the UIframework to active accessibility and it appeared as a “text” attribute. tried it on multiple elements and it seems to be work ing. it will be a lot more of work to setup, but will be a lot less time in the long run.

thanks i hope this help some one

can you please try following:


it should retrieve the selected value

that works too! i was able to get them to pull as ‘text’ attributes when i changed the UIframework.