Selecting all value from dynamic dropdown list one by one & capturing it

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Need to your help on below will be great if you can share the steps for the same.

I want to click on item in dropdown list which is dyanamic. some time i am getting 3 values are in dropdown & sometime 4 values. i need to click all the values which are present in dropdown one by one & capture it. Please note that values are not static.

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Is this dropdown list located on a web page? In that case, you can use the Get Attribute activity and set the Attribute to "items" to retrieve the whole list.

Yes. its on web. It will be great if you can share the example.

@priyankamalusare Can you maybe show us the Screenshot of the Dropdown, also a Screenshot of the Element’s Selector in UiExplorer can help more in selecting the right attributes.

Sure. See the attached file for an example. DropDownListTest.xaml (7.4 KB)

The workflow will visit UiPath Contact Learning page, get the list from the Job Level drop down list and select the second option (“Freelancer”).

Use UiExplorer to get the component that has “SELECT” as tag:

Hi thanks . will check sure this example.



So there are 4 options like this. 4th option i am getting it very rarely n name also i can not capture.1.txt (228 Bytes)