In web Page how to select an value from dropdown

Hi All,

I want to select an value from dropdown. In single webpage i have to select dropdown value for multiple fields.
I tried with community details i have not find any suitable solutions.
can someone suggest me right tool to pick the value from dropdown.



Did you try using select item activity?


@Anil_G Yes i tried, but im getting below errors, Please sugges.

"Target or input UI Element must be set.
Value for a required activity argument ‘Item’ was not supplied. "


It saya the value that you need to select is not provided…you have to give a value

And also you did not indicate the element i guess


@Anil_G Im not sure how to fix the issue . i tried with multiple ways, it is not working as showed videos. please help me with any sample workflows


please refer from this example
Main.xaml (16.6 KB)

here is the webpage that it will run


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@fernando_zuluaga @Anil_G I tried multiple ways Select tool im not sure how to use it, Is there any other tool avilable similar to select tool, please suggest.


please use two click activities, first one to open the dropdown, second one to click in the element you need


@fernando_zuluaga Could you please help me with image/screenshot.

Something like that


@fernando_zuluaga thank you i will try in the same way

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Hello @niranjan.kummara

You can check the Select Multiple Item activity to achieve this.