Extracting data from drop down/ Can we use the Get Attribute property, if yes, How?

Hi Guys,

I wanted to extract the list of Names and their related data, from the drop down.
i m using the GEt attribute property, but i’m failing .

could you please help me out.

if possible please share the url with the drop down
dropdown boxes can be of different types (Web)

  • select option
  • input, datalist
  • Web Frameworks

so it is also importnt of which type the drop down is (just analyse it within the UiExplorer)

Once we do know then we can work out the matching strategy

For extracting the values of a common drop down (Select option) we can use find children activity

as just a few examples


We can get the inner values with The find children activity which returns an ienumerable list, which you can iterate using a for loop and get its name using a get attribute activity and mention the attribute property as “aaname” or “innerText”

Here you go with an xaml

Cheers @Syed_Shahbaz_Ali