Get items from dropdown

I have this java application where i have this dropdown.
How can i extract the data from this dropdown, i tried with Find children but return empty list, then i tried with select item but did not take all the values. Also the hot keys do not work
What other solutions do i have?

Thank you!

Hi @Andrei_Croitoru use the export uitree activity and send me the output xml file?


try this video

Hi Andrei,

Is there any chance we can get a free / demo version of the app to test the scenario? What is the selector of the combo-box?

Hi @Andrei_Croitoru ,

You can try using mouse scroll activity along with click text. Use a click text if not found then use scroll mouse and repeat using a loop


Thanks for the test app @Andrei_Croitoru . I found the exact dropdown and I have no difficulty in extracting the values using the Select Item activity. If it is a reused activity (copy pasted / used from another combobox), please try to indicate it again. Also, try to use one of the newest UiAutomation package available.

Asa am reusit si eu dar dupa ce inchid Studio-ul si il redeschid raman salvate doar jumatate din elementele selectate anterior din dropdown.

Ok, probabil o sa-l folosesti cu o variabila in loc de “plain string” ca parametru la Select Item deci nu conteaza cu ce e populat el. Valorile alea de ajuta doar la design time.

Try get. Full text activity

Hello , Try watching this video am sure it will help Drop Down Menus in UiPath (Find Children & Select Item) - Full Tutorial - YouTube

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