ExtractData / NExtractData ignores selected Attribute from select option

We can modify manually the data extraction and also extract e.g. image src, input value … attributes. In case of configuring the extraction to grab the selected item from a select element the first option from the select will extract instead.

Last Tested with Activities:

  • ExtractData
  • NExtractData

UiPath.UiAutomationActivities - 21.12.0-preview

URL: DataTables example - Form inputs
Configure as described here:

	<row exact="1">
		<webctrl tag="tr"/>
	<column exact="1" name="Column1" attr="text">
		<webctrl tag="tr"/>
		<webctrl tag="td" idx="1"/>
	<column exact="1" name="Column2" attr="value">
		<webctrl tag="tr"/>
		<webctrl tag="td" idx="2"/>
		<webctrl tag="input" idx="1"/>
	<column exact="1" name="Column3" attr="value">
		<webctrl tag="tr"/>
		<webctrl tag="td" idx="3"/>
		<webctrl tag="input" idx="1"/>
	<column exact="1" name="Column4" attr="value">
		<webctrl tag="tr"/>
		<webctrl tag="td" idx="4"/>
		<webctrl tag="select" />
		<webctrl tag="option" selected="selected" idx="1" />

And also:

Thanks for the report @ppr

I’ve also checked on the latest 22.2 and it doesn’t work there either. I’ll push it to our issue tracker for the UI Automation team to investigate.

Hi. Is there any news on this? Basically, you are unable to extract tables with drop-down selections contained within it. This seems like it would be a high-priority issue to me.

selected=“selected” within an option tag should be the answer, but it just doesn’t work.

Hi JohnG,

We are aware of this limitation and it’s in our team’s backlog. Based on the available capacity, I hope we will be able to address it soon. Definitely, this should be fixed asap.


Hi Team,
Please confirm if this is addressed yet as we can still see the first item being selected from the dropdown by default when using Extract Table Data Wizard with attached tags