Drop-down options unable to select


I am having following drop-down options, due to some application issue drop-down search is hidden i could not filter out the required option and select. I want to do multiple selection in the drop-down, I have tried following options but i could not able to fetch or select the element which is at the bottom of the drop-down, I can select only the visible items in the dropdown.

  1. Tried Select and Multiple select activity, straight am getting error pop-up as “Select activity is not supported”.
  2. Tried Element Exists, it can find only the element which is visible, it cannot find the bottom element in the drop-down.
  3. Dynamic selector by passing dynamic value inside it, only the visible element is checked, for remaining hidden data it throws error.

How to overcome this problem?

Selector I used:


Is this a webpage?

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Yes it is

Use the Developers Console of your browser (Press the F12 key in your browser) to determine what happens upon scroll within the dropdown element. In the development console you are able to see the HTML structure of the dropdown element. Use the structure to create a reliable selector. It could be for example that the DOM element has a different class when it is not visible. Since your selector looks for the “ng-binding” class’ existence on the element, it might not be able to find it.

If that does not work - try to send the End key to the UI Element to see if it scrolls down to the very bottom. This might force a load of all elements. But even this should be made visible using the Development Console.

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Check with element exists along with visible property to true. If the record exists, Set focus to the element and select the checkbox

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