Unable to select drop down from the list while using Select Item it shows "The control does not support select item""

Task is to select the option from the list.
While using Select Item it shows “The control does not support select item”
Is there any alternate way of doing this?

I have tried recording that also failed: “Step was not recorded successfully”


Hi Aishi Welcome,
after you select it have you scheck the selector and highlight it?
to see wether its validated or not,

and you can always use send hot keys activity for a drop down

Hi! welcome to community!

to achieve this requirement we have 4 approaches use the one which will works as per your requirement.

  1. Find Children activity:

We can use Find children activity to get the items which is available inside the drop down.

to get the item which you want(Create task) for this just use Get Attribute activity.

open the get attribute in uiexplorer we can see the option like inner text or outer text. remove the unwanted items except Create task.

This will works for you.


  1. Select Item:

You have already using this activity after select item we may see the small down arrow button and click on that icon and select the Create task item to select the item.

This will also works fine in your case.

  1. Send Hot Key:

We can see that (Alt+T) also navigate to the actions tab.

Send Hotkey-> No need to indicate it on screen just check the alt button and IN Key use T. this will automatically opens the Actions tab. now use Normal click.

If not indicating the element on the screen if not works use can also try indicating and then use Alt+T.

This will also works fine in your case.

  1. Normal Clicks:

with the normal click also you can achieve your requirement just click on the action item.
then use the Element exists activity indicate it on Create task output as Exists.

Take one if condition Exists=True inside the then block use click activity on create task.

This will also works in this case.

Let me know if you’re getting any error!


Hi @Ashish_Soni ,

There are other ways of Selecting such a Dropdown, One of the ways is to Perform a Two Click Operation to Select the Desired Option.

One Click on the Main Menu. The Second Click on the Option to be Selected.

Make sure the Selectors are Proper.

Let us know if you are facing issues.