Drop down list disappears when leaving the window

Hi all,

I am trying to select an item in a drop down menu using Click text Activity, however the drop down list disappears whenever I leave the window as I need to go back to UiPath to config Click Text Activity.

Anyone has a solution on this?


Did you try using the recording activity? I had used this and it did help me with my drop down box issue.


There is “Select Item” activity used to select an item from drop down.

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Hi VirajN,

I can not use recording as each loop has the different value that i need to click from my dropdown list.

this is a definitely a better option, why did i not think of this :thinking:

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You can use Hotkey “Down” instead to select.

Thanks Madhusudhan,

However if I use “Down” it will only be applicable to one scenario.
Im looking for a way to make it more flexible thats why I first thought of click text.
Drop down menu consists of Currency.

Sorry, it is Select Item.
Try using that Select Item activity. All the options in the drop down menu will come in the activity.

Thanks for help everyone,

I was looking for select element, turned out its “Select Item” in my version. :slightly_smiling_face:
Many Thanks!
@SaranyaKishore @VirajN @Madhusudhan.G


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Thank you :slight_smile:


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