How to select an item from list of items which is not in screen visibility?

Hi Community,

I have to type a name and select it from the list. So I’m using Type into and click activity as “Select item” activity is not working.
Here item is visible so click activity is working fine.


But here, item is not visible, so it is throwing error as ui element not found. I have selected simulate property as well. And for this selector there is no aaname or innertext to make it dynamic.


Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi @Vaishnav_Tej Hope this helps :slight_smile:
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why don’t you give the total string for type into activity instead of give initial word and later going for click of invisible element

Even if you want to click that invisible element you should be aware of total value right?



The name “Brasil” itself is total name


Hi I don’t need all the values from drop down. I just need to select one target item from the list.

can you try set focus activity

small doubt if it full name then automatically it should be in first place within focus


Yeah but it is showing matching values as well

I’m getting this error

is this public url or private one

if it is public one can you share the link along with situation like at what exact value you are having issue

other wise any similar public url you have come across