Drag and Drop is not working

@loginerror The studio version 2021.4.3 is not allowing me to drag and drop the activities. Could you please help me on this. I checked with some of team members who are also facing same issue.

Have to reopen the project every time I try to drag and drop.

Hi @Sugumar8785

I would certainly try to contact our technical support with this one:

They should be able to suggest the right approach here and collect some debug information in case it is needed to further debug this issue.

Is it applies for Community Edition as well?

No, you’re right, I misread the version from your screenshot.

Thus, my first suggestion would be to do a fresh installation, as it might be caused by some corrupted files:
How to fix your Studio installation / Licensing issues

It would help if you could post a full error message (Copy to Clipboard option from above screenshot), as well as send me a Diagnostic Tool output via PM @loginerror

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Are you still encountering this error?

Plz do uninstall the application and install again

Yes, all our teammates are facing such issue

It didnt help. Tried to use older versions as it works fine. But it gets automatically upgrades to newer version (community edition)

I have shared diagnostic output report to @loginerror on 26th May.
I am sharing with you as well. Please help me.

The current version is 2021.4.4 and it has same issue

Hello! Can you please share your project with us? Or create a demo project which reproduces the error?

It happens irrespective of any workflow. Dragging and dropping of activities from activities pane to designer pane is not working.

Hello! Does everyone who experiences this problem use Avecto?

No, we use Zscaler - a cloud based VPN. This has been recently installed

Hi @Sugumar8785 and apologies for the late response. We are trying to pinpoint the actual problem here, so could you help us out with more details?

  • Are you signed in, or connected to Orchestrator?
  • Does this still occur if you disable ZScaler?
  • Does this still occur if you are disconnected from the internet?
  • Could you tell us anything that might have been changed before you encountered this error such as: software installation, machine configuration, Studio was updated from version X to Y, and so on?

Thank you,

The issue is resolved without any workaround by myself.

Thank you

Please tell everyone what the solution was.

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