Download processes/Jobs xaml format


Is there any way to download processes or jobs within the Orchestrator, like XAML or otherwise?


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Go to TENANT tab in the left side of the orchestrator
There under PACKAGES you can search for your process and click on three dots at the right end and click VIEW VERSIONS

There we can download the package as nuget package

If you want to extract the files in that nuget packages change from .nuget to .zip

Then extract it you can see the xaml in lib folder of that extracted file



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Yes you can. Navigate to Packages section in Orchestrator and download the published package and extension of the package it nupkg. Change the extension to zip and then extract. It will show all XAML files inside the process.

Thank you for your help @Palaniyappan and @lakshman ,

But I can’t download XAML file , probably need permission? I didn’t see anything to download the package.

What can it be?



Don’t open the package into Orchestrator.

  1. Download the latest package from Orchestrator and the extension will be .nupkg.
  2. Then rename the file (Replace .nupkg to .zip).
  3. Finally Extract the zip file and Navigate to *lib\net45* to view all workflows in it.

Thank You! Done

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Glad I could help :smiley:

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