Download editable process package from Orchestrator

Hello. I would like the ability to download the xamls for a particular process from Orchestrator. Currently when downloading the package, it is using the extension .nupkg, which is uneditable when opening in studio.

How can I convert the nupkg back to its xaml/json files?

Any info is much appreciated. Thank you.

Hello Greer,

Nuget Files packed with the LZO algorithm which means that you can open any nuget package with programms like 7zip.

Currently you don’t have the possibilities to download XAML Files directly from orchestrator. Orchestrator only serves nuget packages. Maybe a Library is what you want :slight_smile:


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I understand this feature does not currently exist but are there plans in the future to have a feature that would allow you to be able to download xaml files from a process deployed on Orchestrator?

You can create an Idea topic here, so product team will take a look and give you an answer. I suggest you include also the use case for this feature request. Something like β€œWhy do you want this?” or β€œWhat problem will this solve?”