Not able to see the xaml file from the extracted .nupkg file

Hi all.
I download the .nupkg from orchestrator. But I am not able to open the workflow after extraction.

Hi @dinesh.s1

With What app have extracted ?

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Well, I changed the extension to .zip from .nupkg.

Then right mouse click and extract all option…
BlankProcess3.1.0.1.nupkg (16.9 KB)


Download 7 zip

and extract with that


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As Windows project or CrossPlatform project is compiled to dll, basically there is no xaml file in the package. If you need to include source xaml to the nupkg, the following post will help you.


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It seems that when you published the process from Studio to Orchestrator you didn’t choose the Source files option.

Republish the project and then check again.


  • Include Sources - select this option to package all .xaml sources within the published package, including workflows that were previously made private. For Windows - Legacy libraries, the files are saved in the generated assembly file and in the lib\net45 folder in the .nupkg file. For Windows and cross-platform libraries and processes, the files are saved in the content folder in the .nupkg file.

Reference: About Publishing Automation Projects

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