Source file control through Orchestrator

Is it not possible to download a “package” from Orchestrator which is editable in Studio?
It seems one can only download a nuget .nupkg package.
If the harddrive maintaining the last uploaded source project files: .json and .xaml files is ruined or MIA, Orchestrator has no way of retrieving last working source files?

If not, this would be a big no brainer of a product update no?

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.nupkg contains all project files. Try changing extension to .zip and unpacking, you should be able to find everything in the lib folder.


Hi @Mikkel_Nielsen,

The packages are downloaded as .nupkg file. As @andrzej.kniola mentioned, change the file type to .zip and extract it to a folder. Under that folder, navigate to Lib\net45 folder. There you will find the project.json and all the xmal files.

Hope it helps!!

Thank you man, I wish that information was more available. I guess if you are a developer, you would already know what the .nupkg entails, but many UiPath “configurators” do not have past experience with development and as such do not know the power of nuget. I was one of those, so thank you again.

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