Download file to Specific Location


Newbie here

I need to automate the download of a file from a website to a specific location. By default this goes to my Downloads folder.
However, I need to set a specific location for this file
Please advise how I achieve this, bearing in mind the process will be running automatically in the future

Many thanks

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In every browser you have a builtin settings to change download path. Try changing download path in setting menu with your desired browser.

HI, try something like this:
Download file to “Download” folder.
Move file to your specific folder

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Thanks for your suggestion

I think I have done what you suggested

However, the file variable seems to be picking up a temporary file name
Any ideas please?


@loginerror Hi, could You check this issue? It looks like a Move File activity bug that it doesn’t remember the name after downloading the file, once it has been fully downloaded.

Or maybe Chrome has too much file information in its download history?

Correctly performed activity after full file download should include the path to the correct file, not to the .tmp file

Additional information

I have now put a Message Box statement between my ‘Wait for Download’ and ‘Move File’ tasks

It seems like the Message Box is displaying before the file download is complete.

Do you have disabled Chrome option for Downloads: “Ask where to save each file…”?

If Chrome asks every time where you want to save the file, you need to program the steps to save to a specific location.

I checked that I get a .tmp file when Chrome asks where to save the file.

If you have automatic downloads to your Downloads folder it should be OK. I checked it for myself and the download is correct for me.

Looks like it may have been the Download History as I have cleared that and the download works fine.

Great, if I helped, please mark the topic as resolved.