Download attachment from a shared email inbox without using outlook application installation

hello guys,

so i am working on an usecase where i have to read some email sender’s domain , subject line etc. from a shared email inbox folder.

but here are some challenges.

  1. We cant use outlook application scope since outlook app isnt installed on a robot server.
  2. I tried to use Microsoft 365 package scope but it also not a viable solution bcz it is asking for a shared email inbox credential
    3.have any one tried with outlook web version ? - i do not want to go with the surface level automation (clicking outlook selector and clicking through etc)

any thoughts?

check if you can get the credentials and have a look on the Get exchange Mail Message Activity

@ppr we dont have exchange server set up available. To use that get ehange activity, dont we have to have exchange server set up as mandatory ?

i thought this one as an example.

please share some details if i miss something