Prerequisites for Uipath to access Outlook mailbox


Please let me know what are perquisites/permissions to the UiPath Robot to access the MS Outlook inbox and send mail from the same email box .

Pavan Patil


1.UiPath Studio and Robot: Ensure that you have UiPath Studio installed on the machine where you will be developing and running your automation. Additionally, the UiPath Robot should be properly configured and licensed on that machine.

2.Microsoft Outlook: Microsoft Outlook should be installed on the machine where UiPath is running. The version of Outlook you have may affect the available automation options. For example, if you have Outlook 2016 or later, you can use the built-in “Send Outlook Mail Message” activity for email automation.

Permissions and Configuration:

  1. Outlook Application Permissions:
  • Depending on your organization’s security policies and email setup, you may need to work with your IT or Exchange administrator to grant permissions to the UiPath Robot for accessing Outlook. This typically involves setting up an application-specific password or granting access permissions.
  1. Email Account Configuration:
  • Ensure that the email account you intend to use with UiPath Robot is correctly configured in Microsoft Outlook on the machine where the Robot is running. The email account should be added as a profile in Outlook.
  1. Use Exchange or IMAP/SMTP:
  • UiPath can interact with Outlook in two main ways: through Microsoft Exchange or through IMAP/SMTP. Ensure that your organization allows either of these methods and that the necessary settings are configured.
  1. Test Permissions:
    Before creating your UiPath automation, it’s a good practice to manually test that the email account can be accessed and that you can send and receive emails through Outlook on the machine where UiPath is running. This helps ensure that any permission or configuration issues are resolved before automation begins.


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