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Trying to use the new Office 365 scope to read and send mails. In this case from a shared resource (no login) that i have been granted read and write access to. Only problems seems like the activity only supports the account that you use for authentication. How would i go about reading mails and sending mail from a shared resource? (this also include how would i go about it for forward and move mail.)

Hi @Rasmus_J,
From what I see the Office 365 Activities requires to have Azure ID to use them what means that you need to be part of AD in Azure to be able to authenticate and use all activities. Any other ways to get mails i to use Get POP3 Mail Messages, Get IMAP Maile Messages or Get Outlook Mail Messages (this one requires to have Outlook opened and logged on the account.

If you have been granted to read and write mails this mean also that you need to have an account Azure/Outlook 365 based on which there must be way to get those mails by activity (not especially from 365 scope).

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I don’t quite follow your answer. I’m using the “Get Outlook Mail” method today but i wasn’t asking about that :slight_smile: I’m asking if it is in anyway possible, since I already have access to a shared resource with read and write, with this Office 365 library, to access that shared resource and send and recieve mails?

I’m asking because i don’t want to have Outlook open as it is costing an Office license per system that I use for robot, on top of that if i can only access the inbox and folder of the authenticating users, this library is useless as most users when automating workflows needs to access a resource and not the logged in users inbox as most often it’s a random robot user if you enviroment is properly setup. I already have my own developer making a library that can do what i’m aksing for, his library is just not ready for test or production yet, but he can authenticate using graph and send and recieve mails from a shared resource. So i know it is possible. Since we already have this module I though it would be better just to update this to support accessing resources instead of finishing the development of our own.

What I meant is if you have been granted to read and write in shared Outlook 365 mail account you should also have a necessary data (credentials/AD account) which can be used to gather mails with use of those Office 365 activities or Get POP3 Mail Messages / Get IMAP Mail Messages. You have login, password so you need only to provide POP3/IMAP server address with port number or (in case of use Office 365 activities) Azure ID. Then you are ready to get emails without logging to mail account.

I haven’t. I’ve been granted access, on my own and robot accounts, to a shared mail resource in exchange. It is not an account, but a mail resources, and it doesn’t have login username and password. I only have my own login. We don’t have pop or imap access, only exchange through the graph system. I appreciate the effort but i’m asking for this specific as I’ve already tried basic activities that comes with UiPath. My only two options are Outlook Activity or Exchange connection through Graph Activity. But for me it sounds like this plugin doesn’t support it so I’ll keep my programmer on the project.

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I’m stuck with the same problem. Is there any answer to this?

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Hi Rasmus_J,

Did you found a way to connected to your shared mailbox with the Office 365 activities ??

Hey @Fisker

Yes all you need to do is use the latest Office 365 activity from UiPath and make sure your azure settings are correct (my sysadmin team did this step) and you will have access to shared resources.

Hi @Rasmus_J

I have tried with version 1.1.2 and a prerelased version 1.1.7 of Office 365 actiivty but i keep receiving the error messages that I am not authorized to access the shared mailbox. I have full access of the shared mailbox and i am to see the shared mailbox in my outlook client.

Do you have any ideas what may causing this issue ?

@mmc might be able to explain that particular issue

I am also having same issue like Fisker getting “Access Denied: Please ensure you are authorized to access this account’s mailbox”. But i have access to the shared mailbox and was able to read emails, delete email from my outlook client. Any help would be great!

If you want to access to a shared mailbox…


Just to explain the original intent with this topic and how to solve it. When using Azure App Access. On your Azure AD platform you have to make sure that everything is setup according to this Look through the step by step UiPath documentation about how to set up the proper rights, DO NOT SKIP THIS thinking you have it correct, double and triple check it because this is where most issues stems from.

Here is the scope configuration

Here is the Get Mail within

Mail_Folder Argiment Examples:

  • “Inbox”
  • “Inbox/SomeFolder” (can’t remember if it’s / or \ )

Query Argument Examples: ( Be very aware of ’ and ")

  • “subject eq ‘Example Text’”
  • “subject ne ‘Example Text’”
  • startsWith(subject,‘Example Text’)
  • endsWith(subject,‘Example Text’)

This one is not really as straight forward as you would think but i hope the above can help people.

Top is just a number from 1 to int32.MaxValue

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according to my topic as we are talking Office365 hosted exchange, from my knowledge you can’t access O365 hosted exchange using that activity. If you can it has been updated because at the time i wrote this post that was my exact issue and why i’m using the O365 activity and not the exchange

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