Document Understanding | Convert Classification Results to Extraction Results

Hi all,

I am trying to recreate the whole task from the Document Understanding Overview Course and I am kinda stuck.

My problem is, that I am trying to get the ClassificationResults Output from the Classify Document Scope activity and use them as Input for the Present Validation Station activity. There I am trying to populate the AutomaticExtractionResults Input field, because I don’t want to do fully manual processing for all documents.

Unfortunately, when I try to do this, I am receiving a Compiler error (picture below).

So my questions are the following:

  • How to convert the ClassificationResult array into an ExtractionResult type?

  • Is there an alternative way to use the ClassificationResults as Input for AutomaticExtractionResults?

Thanks in advance!

Actually I solved it by doing this:


So this topic is not relevant anymore, and could be closed/deleted if it’s not useful to the community.

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