Document Understanding get the document classification type

I am running a document understanding which is extracting both Passport and ID card data. The extraction runs perflectly using the ML extractors but once I get to the end of the process I want to store the two different typres of documents in two different locations.

My plan is to do an If something like
If validatedClassificationResults = Passport
then do passport stuff
do ID stuff

How would I access the value within my validatedClassificationResults variable (output from present classification station) to allow me to perform the sort of logic above?

Assgin this “Classificationresult(0).DocumentTypeId” to one variable u will get file name here and then u can use if condition
extarct.xaml (54.8 KB)
u can refer this xaml u will understand

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@kharika Perfect! All sorted.

FYI anyone else who needs this, you can find the ID of the document type within the taxonomy manager

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