Hi, all please advise on below error in document understanding

Hi @sai_krishna6

Can you please help me with the Properties panel of “Data Extraction Scope” and also let me know the Extractor used for extraction.


HI @sai_krishna6

Can you elaborate you query?


Hi Suraj, attached below


Hi Gokul,

I’m trying to extract data from pdf files through DU, but unfortunately i’m facing error as mentioned above.

Hi @sai_krishna6 ,

I would say the reason for the error is due to the Classification Result being empty.

Meaning there are no classifications found for the document.

It is better to Check the Classification Results are present and then continue the process.

We can Perform the Check by using the if Activity with the Condition :


Hi @sai_krishna6

If you have single type of Document and the Classification is not being used you can pass the vale for “Document Type Id” that you can find it on top of the Taxonomy manager.

Please find the attached for reference.

If the Classification station is required you can have an If Else condition.

Hi @sai_krishna6

Here is the sample XAML file for your reference

DocumentUnderstanding_Practice.zip (2.8 MB)

Have a look on the document


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