What is the best when ClassificationResult field in Data Extraction Scope is populated?


We are using IntelligentOCR to process the invoices.

We are obtaining a value as array classificationResults data typed from Classify Document Scope. When we want to use this value to populate ClassificationResult field in Data Extraction Scope, we see that this field requests one dimensional value, so we cannot use all the data classificationResults variable has.

So, we are kindly wishing to know how to populate mentioned field properly.

As our reference, you check related screenprint of the issue below.

Thanks in advance.

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The “Classify Document Scope” activity returns an Array of ClassificationResult objects, each representing the classification result of an individual classifier.

If you are only using 1 classifier in the Classify Document Scope activity, then the result will be an Array containing only 1 element. So you can then provide the classification result to the Data Extraction Scope by typing ClassificationResults(0).

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