DataType Issue Classification Results

Please Help!

I am encountering the following error:

DocumentUnderstanding.xaml: Compiler error(s) encountered processing expression “ClassifResultS”.
Der Wert vom Typ “1-dimensionales Array von UiPath.DocumentProcessing.Contracts.Results.ClassificationResult” kann nicht in “UiPath.DocumentProcessing.Contracts.Results.ClassificationResult” konvertiert werden.

Which basically translates to a 1-Dimensional array cannot be converted to the same Data Type.

The Classification Result is set in the “Classify Document Scope” and should then serve as input into the “Data Extraction Scope”. Or, am i missing something?

Best Regards, Kevin

@kevin.lindsey After you have used the Classification Scope Activity, It is best to Check if the Classification results exists, and then perform the Data Extraction. So using an If Condition you can check if it has any value with the below expression :


Then Perform the other operations in the Then part of if .

Also have you supplied the First Value of classification Results as the Input to the Data Extraction ?

What do you mean exactly, i don’t see this documented anywhere. My Classification Results are empty…

Thanks for your help!

@kevin.lindsey If Classification Results are Empty that would mean it is not able to recognise and classify the document. Please check the Keywords that you have used, Maybe also check the Output of Digitize Document if you’re able to get the data or not.

Without the classification Results you wouldn’t be able to continue Exporting the data in the document.

The Digitized Documebnt Output is ok, i will check everything else. Maybe there is an issue with the keywords, as you mentioned.

Thank you

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The result from Classify Document Scope going into Data Extraction Scope should be ClassificationResult.First() if you are using Keyword Based Classifier.

If i use the [0] scope i get a end of expression expected error…

Thanks Tudor

My Classifier looks like this:

and the Data Extractor looks like this:

I hope you can see my beginners mistake :slight_smile:
Thank you

Sorry, I meant ClassificationResult.First().

Thanks Tudor, i have got it working now.

Regards, Kevin