Do While loop doesn't execute activites with using Excel scope

Hey everyone

So I have set up a process to open an excel file, and using Keyboard shortcuts to refresh data connections (the inbuilt activity takes 10 minutes vs 2 with background refresh on)

Anyway, I have a Do While loop that monitors the status bar to wait for the ‘Running background query’ to disappear.

Unfortunately, when it does not execute any of the activities in the Do While scope, and will sit there indefinitely (until I force stop it).

20+ minutes
note, that Do While Executing only gets logged when I Stop the debug session

I have tried:

  • using a While loop, same thing.
  • adding Write Lines to see if it is executing in the background
  • wrapping it in a Use Application Scope (in the main Workflow file)
  • breaking in debug mode to see where is it stuck - it won’t break/pause

I have a working workaround - though it is very hacky IMO, and prone to failure. That is separating into another Workflow file and wrapping it in the Use Application Scope, as the Do While loop does work (just not within an Excel scope).

I would love to know if other people are also having this issue, or if it is a bug, or any other suggestions.

Hi @Brendananu ,
Your “Do while” inside “Excel Scope”
that’s right?
Could you share our source, I will check for you

Hey @Nguyen_Van_Luong1

Yeah, within the Use Excel File scope

Thank you

Here is it. It would just need an excel file with some data connections (the ones I have are Power Queries)
Main - min.xaml (24.5 KB)