While-Loop activity freezes as inner loop

I have the below loop. I commented out everything except the messagebox. When I click test activity it works as expected. When I run the workflow file in debugger, it freezes upon entering this loop activity where it is an inner loop executing inside an Excel for each row activity. Max iterations is set to 3 so not a infinite loop. Any ideas how to fix this?

The loop is nested deep inside both Python and Excel scopes and follows several Excel filter and sort opps. It appears related to the large number of rows in the Excel spreadsheet even though I filter down to just a few.

I set the Excel Scope to hide the worksheet. I inserted a “Read Range” activity to insert the smaller dataset of 15 rows into a data table. But still iterating the data table is slow or freezes. I have a “Write Range” activity to write the rows back to the worksheet but it freezes. Any one have any ideas?

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Can you share your project as a file? It’s no problem dummy if the matter can be reproduced.


not sure how to upload the file


Can you try “upload” button?