Excel Application Scope No longer working

I need help here, like now.
So i am presenting this workflow for client this afternoon, and all of a sudden my workflow got stuck. By “stuck” i mean there’s no error no exception no message popping up, it just seem to be waiting forever for Excel application scope to work, and it’s not working.

I swear it was working last night, I have not changed anything in my workflow.
I cannot use workbook functions because i need to use the set range color activity.
I tried uninstall/install excel activity package, no luck
My path and file name are all fine since there are not error message or exceptions.

Please help!

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Create one simple process like use Excel Application Scope activity and inside use Write Cell activity to write some data in particular cell. And let me know whether it’s working or not.

It just stuck here…not working


May be some issue with Excel Application.

If possible could you uninstall Excel Application from that machine and then install it again.

Turns out i didn’t have to.

I consulted our IT person, and took his advice:
Closed out Uipath
killed Excel from task manager
Open Uipath and rerun

This fixed my issue

Thank you for your help!


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