Displaying a html form on client machine and collect data

Hi all, we are trying to solve a challenge - need your help and advice.
Scenario: We need bot to interact with client browser directly. In our scenario, in some cases, we want bot to execute an html form page on client’s browser and collect information. It doesn’t have to be html page - can be any other app that collects info from user. From user standpoint, it will open a new browser page or a pop-up window with form format.
If you have done anything like this, please help me out advising how you have accomplished it. Also, please give me some guidelines.


Are you looking for something like this ?

Not really. This is more like attended bot. I am looking for unattended bot to display or execute a html package with forms in user’s machine - let user fill out the form and submit. Upon submitting it, it will collect the data in JSON format (which we can manage).

Our biggest challenge is how to invoke a program from bot to client’s machine given that we have the client’s machine’s name.

Any help or ideas will be greatly appreciated.

this makes no sense in uipath world… robot cant execute anything in a remote machine, this maybe could be done with some other technology, but still is very strange requirement, to in the middle of nowhere someone will have something opened at their face to be filled out…