UIPath Form Question

Hi All!

I recently discovered the UIPath Forms activity and was wondering how you can present these forms to the users to fill out? Do you have to use an attended bot or can the form be accessed through Orchestrator somehow?


Hi, it only makes sense on attended bot, cause those are meant to collect data to be used by the bot…

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Hi @bcorrea, that’s what I figured…I was hoping it wasn’t required to have an attended bot to use the forms.

But in which way were you interested in the forms?

I want to present the form to a user to verify information ingested from a PDF invoice so they can confirm it is correct before the bot continues processing the data, but we don’t currently own any attended bots. Is there a better way to present the data to the user, have them approve it (or update it if needed), and then have the bot pick it up and continue processing?

I’d say there would be uncountable number of way to do that, maybe the simpler one would be send an email to that user with the data and also a link to approve that could be setting an API call that creates a transaction that the robot could read to know that you have approved item to process.

Check if this playlist can help

Hey ,
I have a folder that contains 4sheets some with no data and some sheets with data and also
I have an excel sheet containing name, email id, subject, body and cc. With the help of this sheet I have to send the mail when there are no rows with one body and if there are rows means I have to send with other body .