Hybrid Automation Design

Hi Team,


UseCase: (Customer Service Process)
Currently we have a requirement that’s falls under attendant bot category which will be used by banking staffs where they get inputs from customer and enter details in an system, which accesses and fetch information from another application which acts as a repository of customer Information.

Current approach:
To get user inputs currently we have UiPath Forms, and based on the input received we will be defining the flow to fetch & extract data from the repository application and publish the results in UiPath Form.

Current Challenge:
As we use UiPath Forms to get user input it involves licensing and installation of UiPath robot in all the staffs Machine to trigger the Job in case who ever wants to use this robot.

  1. Is there any other options where we will be exposing an web-based URL to staff and they will be using that to enter customer details and once they click Submit button Unattended bot will trigger in a separate VDI to fetch the customer details from repository application and publish back the result in same UI. In that way we can handle the licensing as well the screen occupancy by attended bot.
  2. Are there any solution or suggestions that you can give which is similar to UiPath Apps Features

Thanks in Advance!!


i think there is great solution. First check out this:


so you will be able to connect chatbot to orchestrator and on some intent you can trigger process from orchestrator.

If you need clarification please let me know.


Thanks for your response Radomir, that was really helpful. Appreciate your help.

I would like to get more information on the chatbot’s response.

  1. Is there a way or possibility to include a table like structure when we publish the results in chatbot’s response?

  2. Can we customize the bot response formatting


  1. I never created table in DF but there is some article on stack
  1. Yes of course, you can even train it so of there is a question: do you want to pay you can gove answer: yes, sure, of course, go for it… and df will recognize as yes. And you can also make, pay next monday, and df will know which day is it.

Df uses nlp and nlu from google, very powefull…