How to deploy Forms on end user machines?

Hi everybody,
I’m considering using Forms in one of the current projects. My question is how should such bots be deployed? Can I create an unattended bot which can be triggered by filling out the form on the end user machine? Or does every user need his own Robot installation and attended license to use Forms? Unfortunately I could not find this information anywhere in the docs. Thanks in advance!

Hi @jreddy,
Forms are made for allowing an end user to be part of the process. It will require attended automation to display it.

So I would need an attended robot licenses for each user - that’s quite a lot. What about UiPath Apps? Is it the same there? How can I connect on-prem Orchestrator with Apps?

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Yes, UiPath Apps can be useful here as it allows you to share web based forms as a part of automation process. If you are on Enterprise with on-prem Orchestrator please contact with you UiPath partner to get more information about this :slight_smile: