Display settings for browser automation

May I request to know the recommended display settings and display resolution while doing web automation please?
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We don’t have any specific display settings and display resolution for web browser. Just make sure your production machine display resolution should be as per your development machine settings.

Thank you. I had to scroll down the web page to find a START button unless I change the display resolution. Then I had to refind the images for all the fields. Is there a better way to do this? Thank you,


Use Click activity and indicate that Start button. And check SimulateType or SendWindowMessage properties for that click activity and it will help to click on that start button even if it is down to the page.

Thank you! You are right about it!

When using Anchor based Activity, Is Find Image better to use than Find Element? What I have is label and text field which change positions dynamically.

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For that use Anchor base: Inside the anchor use find element inside the Action use type into.


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