Display Resolution Error

Good day,

I would like to know why my robot tends to have failures when running it on a computer where the screen resolution is bigger, it loses the sequence and ends up throwing error.

It is possible to leave this generically, thanks.

Hi, that will depend on the activities you use and the selectors used… Also if you are running unattended robots, you can set the resolution you want the robot to use.

Hi @Mike99,

If you’re using activities that rely on OCR like image activities or something related it will lead to failing. Always try to use simulate clicks when possible to make more reliable your automation.

Hi @Mike99

This can happen due to several reasons. The immediate ones that I can think of are the selectors and the activities that you have used.

In the selectors if you have used tags like css class or similar tags that mostly refer to styles and related properties, those could fail when resolution changes. The other one is, if you have used image based activities to interact with the interface.

Please check on those and change them to suit all screen sizes. Additionally, as our friend @rmunro mentioned, try to use simulate click or send window message properties to make the automation more reliable