Problem with Selectors not being available due to different resolution

Dear Community,

as I am out of ideas how to get this process to work, I am writing to you guys. :slight_smile:

I basicly work daily with selectors and feel like I have a good understanding of them. The process is basicly an automation in Chrome Webbrowser clicking and typing activities mostly. The process works everytime if there is an active Citrix Session (resolution in Orchestrator is set for 1080p), but once there is no active citrix session and the Bot basicly has to login the resolution seems to be different - and this is something that is not constant. Sometimes the process works, other time it doesnt. As long as I spectate the process it works 100% everytime.

So far I am certain, that the problem is the resolution. The REF screenshot tell the same, as it is usually of windows that are waaay too small. However the IT department of our customer won’t or is not able to change anything.

When I try the selectors on the unattended machine (with Studio) they are always able to verify correctly.

So my question basicly breaks down to:

Are we able to automate a web process with click/type into activities, if we are not certain what the resolution will be each time the process is started?

Thanks a bunch in advance for any help.

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Hey @iamNairda

Thanks for posting your query.

Resolution doesn’t play any role if you are going to do UI Automation.

Only for image based automation resolution matters.

I’m in an understanding that you are not using image based automation. So resolution shouldn’t be an issue.

Please correct me if I’m wrong.


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Thanks for your reply.
You are right. I am not using Images, but only Selectors (UI Automations).
Also Yes, thats what I thought as well.

However I can also not locate the issue, if it’s not resolution. Before we also had problems with wrong Citrix Session being loaded and sometimes the Chrome Web-Extension for UiPath was missing, but we fixed this with a rule being enforced.

An error (it’s not always this one, but sometimes is):

System exception at initialization: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector: <html app='chrome.exe' htmlwindowname='fc-inbox-window' title='Postfach' /><webctrl isleaf='1' parentid='menubarForm:accordion-menu:j_idt105' tableRow='3' tag='SPAN' /> at Source: Click: Eintrittsformular 

Also wildcards etc. wouldn’t help because it is not necessary for that respective selector and the selector works 100% and is 100% available, I’ve also tested with WaitForReady… it only fails when (not always, but sometimes) when the robot gets a “faulty” or “wrong” citrix session. However I cannot fix that. :confused:

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You need to just follow the best practices here

  1. Making the selector unique and generic
  2. Use simulate input methods

This should actually give good success rate.

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  1. Yes
  2. I do, but whether I use simulate input or not - same results

It probably has to do with the citrix installation at this point, however as I am no citrix expert and I have no idea how citrix sessions are loaded exactly, I can’t really verify at this point.

I also tested that automation on a separated VM and got it to work just fine.

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