Unable To Identify Elements At Their Correct Position On Browser Page

The selectors position is incorrect in remote machine on browser page.

When using a UI activity to indicate an element in a browser window, the element is not identified at its correct on-screen position.

What to consider:

  1. Check the display settings of the Remote Desktop session - if it inherits from the main client or has a custom resolution.
  2. Check the display settings of the computer on which the Studio project is developed on - since it might be different from the display settings on the Robot's computer.
  3. Check the browser display settings and make sure that they are the same on both the Studio computer as well as the Robot computer.

Root Cause: Scaling is set to 125% in user's machine and remote machine is inheriting the resolution from user's machine.


  • Make sure that the display settings on all involved systems (desktop apps, browsers, etc) from the Studio environment match the ones on the Robot environment.