Is there any affect in Web automation, if resolution of screen changes from high to low or vice-versa

When I run my web automation on a 1366X768 resolution screen it performs the wrong click & when I Switch it to a 1920X1080 resolution screen it works fine.

@Mozammil if you used image selector/cv selector then it will effect throw Resolution.

Hi @Mozammil

Image matching is sensitive to environment variations like desktop theme or screen resolution.

When the application runs in Citrix, the resolution should be kept greater or equal than when recording the workflows. Otherwise, small image distortions can be compensated by slightly lowering the captured image Accuracy factor.

Check how the application layout adjusts itself to different resolutions to ensure visual elements proximity, especially in the case of coordinate based techniques like relative click and relative scrape.

If the automation supports different resolutions, parallel recordings can be placed inside a “PickBranch” activity and the Robot uses either match.