Disconnecting bot from orchestrator

HI All ,
we are using floating licence model . multiple but will be using one floating licence. as long as there is necessity of running “N” number of bots simultaneously this works . “N” being the total number of licences. say if there are 6 licences up to 6 bots can run simultaneously using the floating licence .
now here is the problem.
we have strictly instructed the business users to disconnect the bot from the orchestrator after the task gets completed (Attended bots ). but if she/he dont do it , then in idle state the bot will be still consuming licence.
in case of un attended no questions !! even after the task completion the bot will be consuming .
so if there is a mechanism using which the bot can disconnect itself after completing the task then it will be a great advantage for business.

any thoughts guys ?


Hi @karges,
If you know on which machine user forgot to disconnect the robot and you have administrator privileges you can disconnect it from machine from powershell using command:

  • Enterprise Edition
C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio\UiRobot.exe --disconnect
  • Community Edition
C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\UiPath\<Actual Studio version folder>\UiRobot.exe --disconnect

I forgot to mention that you need firstly to connect to this machine with use of Enter-PSSession command for example.


They actually have to disconnect robot tray, no need to remove them from orchestrator.


Good point. I forgot that this will bring license back :slight_smile:

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Cool solution . but here is the catch we need to make sure , the bot is not running , ie idle.

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Hello @karges if you have any mechanism that will stop the UiPath Robot service i.e UiRobotSVC… then just call it after the process completion.
once the service is stopped UiPath license will automatically be released.
you need admin access to stop the service though…

And the service can be stopped from PowerShell as well :slight_smile:. Maybe invoke powershell code at the end of the workflow with command to stop the service? (just thinking)

yes but in that case user need to have admin access… which I believe most of enterprise user don’t have.

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From the above discussion, I believe that all the above mentioned suggestions are to be done manually. Is there any automated process through which UiPath robot will disconnect automatically? i.e. no manual process. I want that when my service is executed completely, UiPath robot should itself disconnect, so that license consumption is stopped.

Is there any timeout for robot if we are not running anything ?

could you please explain how to do it? I don’t see robot tray icon on my desktop, I’m trying to disconnect Orchestrator from Studio, because I’m having and error trying to run my workflow (image attached)


removed machines and robots from the Orchestrator, but still getting the same error

Hi All, did you happen to come up with a solution for the same? I’m facing a similar challenge where I need to ensure that the robot releases the license (even if the business users forget to disconnect) once the job is executed and it is in idle state

@karges: If you could please help me with it

we came up with a custom activity which will be included at the end of every project. so that it will automatically release the licence.

Hi @Seetharaman_K
Thank you for your response…
Is it a custom activity that I can download as a package?
If not, can you please help me with how you did that so I can make a similar activity?

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give me a day i will reply on this. some of my team mates worked on this .

@manishpatrange pls help

Sure. No worries. I know we could disconnect the robot using a command line… I just thought if there is any other way, that would really be helpful!

Hi @Seetharaman_K,

Can you please send the solution?

Also, after the robot is disconnected how do we connect it automatically without using UiPath Assistant?


Hi All,

We are also faced with similar situation wherein we need to release the license once the job execution is over & be able to assign the license to a bot running on a different machine without manual intervention. Any help on this will be greatly appreciated.

Hi @RShimpukade,

You can use this API to Connect/Disconnect the Robot.