Disconnecting bot from orchestrator without admin rights

Hi, I am facing following issue:

We use a floating Unattended robot on two different machines, without admin rights on them (business policy). Users should be able to start the process from the UiPath Assistant by turns. For one to start the robot the other must be disconnected from the Orchestrator.

However, if they disconnect using Assistant then they are unable to connect again without admin rights (as admin is required to change orchestrator settings). We also tried to kill UiPath.Service.Host.exe in Task Manager but it is also forbidden to non-admins.

Disabling machine in the Orchestrator is not an option as those users cannot access the orchestrator.

Is there any workaround to disconnect machine from the Orchestrator whiteout logging out/switching off the machine?

I would appreciate any help :slight_smile:

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Hi @azuko

I asked around and the problem seems to be that you are using unattended licenses instead of attended.

If these were two attended floating robots, the license frees automatically when you close the UiPath Assistant application.

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Ah, I see… thank you for the response. I used Unattended as It does not consume license per user. So I guess it impossible that if I have one license then user A can use it, then user B uses it then user C uses it?

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