Can we disconnect Robot from orchestrator?

Hi All,

We have one unattended license. I have registered 2 robots on 2 different machines. I would like to disconnect the robot on one machine before the process starts on another machine. Is this possible from Orchestrator?

Also, i would like to connect the robot on the machine that it is trying to run the process.

Any suggestions?


Hi @plobo,
There’s no such possibility to do that from orchestrator. As I understand you have these two computers and robots configured in same domain. If you want to run separate processes on particular computer you can define two separate environments for each computer. But this requires from you to have two separate domains on each computer or both computers need to be not domain related.

Other possibility to attach/detach robot from orchestrator is using your own scripts on each computer with proper command line cmdlets which are described in documentation.

Thanks @Pablito

I was thinking of using the API’s to disconnect the machine to release the licence. I tried using this API, it returns success but in the UI i still see robot connected.

Have you used the API’s?

Well, disconnecting machine is one thing but robot is still in orchestrator and it’s still connected. You can disconnect robot only from Assistant on computer or by removing it in Orchestrator.

Hi @Pablito,

When you disable the machine, licence assigned to it gets disabled which is exactly what i wanted. API seems to be working now.

Thanks for your response.

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