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A customer has 2 attended bot floating licences and 50 users who can access the two licences

They are reporting that sometimes if one of the licences is not in use ‘floating’ it randomly attaches itself to one of the 50 users. The customer then advises they have ‘lost’ who has the licence and have to approach someone to look in Orchestrator to have a look for them.

Whist Ui path have confirmed the licences don’t work this way, my understanding of how the licences work is poor.

I’ve heard that the licences should disconnect themselves from a user when the process has finished running (flowed through the end process stage in the REFramework i’d assume) but this doesn’t happen to the customer, the licence remains with them unless they go to the robot tray and disconnect themselves. Should the licences disconnect themselves and become free until the next user activates the attended bot process we’ve built?

OR if this isn’t the case and the licence remains with the user until they disconnect, is there a way of making the licences do this either through an orchestrator setting or code to use in the process?

OR if you’ve faced this issue before, have you dealt with it a different way - e.g writing a process that outputs from orchestrator who has the licences at any given time so the customer can see?

Any advice would be really appreciated.


Hi @jordrowley ,

This is partially correct. License won’t get deallocated by themselves. If one user is using the license, either he has to disconnect/sign-out the license from Robot Tray or he has to completely Sign out from the windows session where he is using the bot. If it’s an RDP connection, simply closing the session won’t sign-out the user so Robot will be still connected.

“Floating robots enable multiple users to use UiPath Robot on multiple workstations, as the robot is not tied to a specific machine. One user can use UiPath Robot on one machine at a time. A user changing the workstation requires them to log out of the previously used machine and log into the new one.

Floating robot allows you to float the robot between machines but licensing won’t be done automatically unless you break the connection between active Robot and Orchestrator manually (Robot Tray/Windows Session). Hope this gives you some insight.

Hey Jithin, this really helps thank you so much for answering?

Some users are sure that when they log on to their machines, if they open the robot tray up, they have been assigned one of the floating licences if it’s available. Do you know what may be causing this? Is it likely that the user is mistaken in their view that they have been given the licence?

Thanks again,

@jordrowley - That is actually expected. Point to note is “if it’s available”. 2 users will have licensed status out of 50 every time if all the 50 robots are connected.

Consider a scenario, you have all the 50 users signed out from their sessions (Robots are not disconnected, only windows sessions are signed out and robot is not running). Orchestrator won’t find any active robot connections so you have 2 license free.

If one user log back in and start the bot, it will get connected to orchestrator automatically because you haven’t disconnected the robot before. The connection will pickup from where you left it. So orchestrator will find the robot connection active and assign one of the free license available.

Unless you manually disconnect from Robot->Preferences, next time when you start the bot it will pick up the connection to orchestrator on its own. Status will be either (Connected, Licensed) or (Connected, Unlicensed) based on the free license available at that time.

In your case, someone else might have disconnected or signed off which made the license free, so when another user login and start the bot, orchestrator finds the connection active and license is getting allocated automatically. If they don’t want that, I would recommend they should practice disconnecting their robot every time once the work is done.

Does this answer your question?

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Hey Jithin, very much so. Thanks for all the advice


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