Concurrent License Management

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We have purchased the concurrent studio and attended bot licenses
We are expecting license to be managed by the orchestrator.

Scenario 1)
We have 4 concurrent development license.
A user open the studio and start developing a process. As per orchestrator, a license will get consumed. After an hour if the use close the studio, We have noticed that licesne is not getting released from the orchestrator. My understanding is that UiBot running in task tray still consuming the license.

Is it possible to detect the idle time and recover the unused license so that its avaialble for other to use?

Let me know if my question is not clear, I will elborate more.


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I guess it is Concurrent User license.

Once your work done you have to disconnect that robot machine from Orchestrator and then only you can use it in other system.

I understand the manual step. Is it possible achieve this automatically with some time out or setting?


I don’t think so if we have any option to change the settings to do it automatically.

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Could you please help in this. Is there any option to this ?

Hi @dalipdudi,
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Like @lakshman said there no option for this but, you can disconnect robot from orchestrator using command. If users are working in domain environment you can enable powershell scripting for all by applying proper settings in GPO. Then connect to particular machine through powershell (Enter-PSSession or Invoke-Command) and disconnect robot. All command you have listed here:

Using powershell you can also experiment with service stop.

Get-Service <name of service> | Stop-Service
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