Selectors are not being identified in SAP

Hello Everyone,

I am working with SAP and while building automation I used type into activities for filling some data. Earlier, these activities were working fine but now while doing unit test selector is not able to identify the UI element. How can I solve this issue ?

Suraj M


Check fi there are any changes in the selectors …verify and remove any non static parts in the selector…like numbers which might change and all


Actually, the issue is that now if I am trying to indicate on screen it is not capturing the particular input field, it is capturing whole screen instead of a particular input field. Simply now it is not able to generate selector for that input field.


Can you check if scripting is enabled in SAP …

Also try installing extension for SAP


I tried doing by applying all these settings except server side configuration for which I do not have authority to do that but still I am facing same issue

In our case, we needed to contact SAP Admin team to enable scripting.


Hi @mishra.suraj9,

There are a few things you can try to solve this issue:

  1. Check if the selector has changed
  2. Check if the SAP application is running
  3. Use other activities: Instead of using type into activities, you can try using other activities such as set text or click activities to interact with the SAP application.
  4. Check if the field is active
  5. Check if there are any pop-ups or messages
  6. Check if there are any security restrictions: If there are any security restrictions in place, such as user permissions or firewall settings, they might be preventing the automation from working correctly. Make sure that the necessary permissions and settings are in place before you run the automation.

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