Dev Dives: Unleash the full potential of your automations with Generative AI

Hello UiPath Community,

How can you boost your automation with generative AI?

I’m Russel Alfeche, Technology Leader for RPA at qBotica, and I’m thrilled to be on the next Dev Dives episode on Wednesday, June 28th!

Together with Dhruv Patel, we’ll provide you with several ideas to level up your automations with LLMs, GPT, and other generative AI or foundation models.

Because we’ve seen how powerful large language models can be, whether it’s for writing professional looking essays, responding to emails, extracting entities from unstructured sources, generating works of art, music, etc, hence, we fondly call them generative AI.

The challenge with large language models is that they’re built to be general purpose. It’s been trained on millions of pieces of text so it can “understand” human language. But in reality, large language models don’t know of the underlying context that a language describes, as the technology aims to generate text that sounds nice, grammatically, and semantically. They don’t really have an objectivity or fact-based context aside from just satisfying statistical consistency with the prompt.

So essentially, without the proper integrations, framework, and guardrails, LLMs can perpetuate and amplify harmful biases through hallucinations and might, in turn, reinforce today’s pandemic issue of misinformation and disinformation across the web.

So in this session, let’s see how by marrying UiPath enterprise business automation platform with generative AI, we’ll be able to:

  1. Extend the capabilities of large language models, by augmenting it with a wide array of integrations through generative AI powered automations, while addressing general concerns around information accuracy/reliability, thereby helping speed up adoption and operationalizing the technology at an enterprise level.

  2. Achieving full automation mileage, whether it’s attended or unattended, from GenAI-powered automations. Learn about the 3 common patterns on how GenAI can be leveraged in your use cases so you can gain the UiPath advantage.

  3. And as an exclusive, we’ve curated 4+ never before seen UiPath + GenAI demos and ~36 other potential use cases that we’ll walk you through on the session (if time permits, of course).

That said, join us and we’d love to see and engage with you on June 28. So, save your seats, as we take you on this exciting ride.

If you have any questions or would like to deep dive into your specific organization’s use cases, feel free to reach out directly to your UiPath representatives, or to my team at qBotica,as one of the top few featured, trusted UiPath Platinum and USN partners.


Russel, many thanks for all the AI + automation content and knowledge you share with us. Looking forward to seeing this live session.

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Sounds a very interesting session Russ, Dhruv and team. Looking forward to it!

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Looking forward to it! yess