Dev Dives: Leveraging Generative AI for automations developers with Autopilot

Hello UiPath Community,

Have you heard of UiPath Autopilot and its cool AI capabilities that can bring your automations to the next level?

In our last Dev Dives webinar this year (more to come in 2024 :wink:), we will explore the latest and greatest UiPath AI capabilities and what’s in them for automation developers and tech enthusiasts.

Together with my colleagues we’ll share how to:

  • Build faster and more resilient automations and expressions with natural language - with Autopilot for Studio
  • Generate endless test cases for your automations - with Autopilot for Test Suite
  • Digitize paper forms into automation-powered apps with ease - with Autopilot for Apps

Save your seat now and join us on Dec 14 :


interesting, nice to see UiPath is keeping up with the competition! Power automate has copilot already.

It’s good to see UiPath being competitive, this is exciting! Power Automate now has a copilot, for instance

looking forward for the next LTS 2024.x!