Unlocking the Full Potential of UiPath AI Platform with Open Source LLM Models

Hi Team,

I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for the outstanding work you are doing in the field of Automation. I am particularly impressed with the recent introduction of Generative AI (Autopilot) functionality in UiPath, which has opened up a new world of possibilities for automation.

I propose that the AI / ML team consider enabling enterprise customers to bring their own LLM models (both open-source and in-house) and train them on UiPath AI Center. This would empower enterprises to fully leverage the potential of UiPath AI Platform and seamlessly integrate their own models into their UiPath ecosystem, utilizing them through APIs or UiPath Studio, Apps and many more.

I believe that enabling Enterprise Customers to bring their own Open Source LLM models to UiPath AI Center would be a significant step forward in expanding the platform’s capabilities and empowering enterprises to achieve even greater automation success.

Thank you for considering my suggestion. I am confident that this enhancement would be met with great enthusiasm from the UiPath community.