Follow up on my Webinar “Leveraging Gen AI and APIs to Power Automations.”

Greetings, UiPath Community!

I am Robert Wagner, Product Manager at UiPath. As some of you may already know, in February I had the pleasure of hosting an episode of Dev Dives series titled “Leveraging Gen AI and APIs to Power Automations.”

During the webinar, we had a great discussion and got many questions from the audience. Sadly, there was not enough time for all of them.

I’m excited to share the compilation of these questions and answers in this forum thread. Whether you attended the webinar or not, I invite you to join the conversation and contribute your insights.

For those who missed the webinar, you can access the recording by following this link.

Additionally, I encourage you to join upcoming episodes of Dev Dives and deepen your knowledge of automation.

Here’s the Q&A:

Q: Where or to whom would we request enabling the prompt feature in our assign statements in our enterprise studio?

A: Please check out or reach out to your customer success manager or responsible sales representative. Also learn more about the product here: Top takeaways from the UiPath AI Summit 2024 | UiPath

Q: How safe is it to pass organization- related data in Gen AI technology via UiPath? Does UiPath have any control on data which is being passed to any third-party model like Azure AI, AWS etc.?

A: For integrations to 3rd party AI services with Integration Service Connectors, you will have to check with the AI service vendors what you are using during the automation.

For UiPath AI services there will be a detailed description of how your data will be protected in our documentation portal once it is productive. So, please stay tuned.

Q: What packages are required besides default and Web API for this workflow?

A: You can download and check the workflows I demonstrated during my session here