Desktop Has been disconnected while performing ui action

Hello, did you get a solution to this error?

Try this:

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Thank you, it’s worth a try, although this happens on a machine that has the process started from Orchestrator (using credentials).


I am also getting same error while running process form Orchestrator (using credentials). and getting this error sometime. Please help to resolve this.

Did you find a solution for this??.

Could you give us more errors about the environment, uipath version, os?

Desktop has been disconnected while performing UI actions

This occurs when a user is connected with RDP to the Robot machine and the RDP disconnects at some point. We recommend to sign off all the users from the Robot machines before executing a job.

Note: If a RDP connection is started on the robot machine and this machine lose internet connection (even for few seconds), the robot will throw “Desktop has been disconnected…”

To avoid this behavior you have to follow this guide: Running Tests in Minimized Remote Desktop Windows | TestComplete Documentation

Let me know if this works.



Hi there,

I found a way to execute a robot on a remote machine without having to remain connected to it through Remote Desktop Connection and I thought I would share. I created a batch file that contains the following:

for /f “skip=1 tokens=3” %%s in (‘query user username’) do (
%windir%\System32\tscon.exe sessionname /dest:console /password:password

This disconnects the user from the remote machine but doesn’t lock the machine, which allows programs, including the robot, to continue to run. The batch file must be run as administrator, after the robot is started. These links provide more information: here and here.

It goes without saying this is far from an ideal solution, so tread carefully.


Hello Badita,

I am facing the same above mentioned issue all the time and in the same place.

I cannot perform a click action on a particular place all the time when minimizing the RDP it works perfectly fine when I see it.

I have followed all the steps, created the Remote suppress when minimized and set it value to 2 but even after it is not working.

Can you suggest me any best solution for this.


hi, have you solved this problem now? I met the problem again and again.

Hi! I’m facing the same problem right now, I’m working with Citrix. My artifact works with images, it’s developed on my computer and opens the virtual machine through Citrix.

If anyone know how to solve this issue or has solved this issue before, please tell me! It would really appreciate it.


Its happening in same place for me.Any fix

[Error] Desktop Has been disconnected while performing ui action.
Facing same error while triggering the bot from Orchestrator. Any fixes or updates ?


It may occur if any of the following issues happened

Someone has opened server/machine while bot is running from orchestrator.

UiRobot services got disconnected

In case, if bot machine doesn’t response to orchestrator for long time then it might happen

Please check if any you have faced any of these issues. I don’t get any resolution for this issue in UiPath.



I’ve seen that this problem can be resolved (or greatly mitigated) by setting the loginToConsole value to false in the UiPath.Settings file on the robot. You will need to be a local administrator on the robot to change this setting.


If none of the above worked, you could try adding this to your registries.

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yes. I have execute process ‘XML mapping’ in uipath studio, on that time my computer gets log off. if i execute some other process in uipath studio. This issue not happend.

how to do this.

You should be admin on your machine (where uipath studio is installed) and have access to change the file “UiPath.settings”, changing the key “LoginToConsole” to false. Save the file and execute again your job at Orchestrator.


This issue will happen when you are signed in to remote desktop from your or some other user id. Try signing out all the logged in users and try running your process again. This worked for me.

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