How many BOT we can deploy?

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Can anyone please help me regarding my query? How many BOTs we can deploy on single machine?
One more thing is, if there are different processes for different departments like, HR, Finance etc…then can we manage different processes for d same BOT?

yah we can run multiple process in a single machine but not at the same time, unless it is a HIGH density robot
if that is a COMMUNITY EDITION then we have 2 Development Robots to use with your Studios, 2 Attended and 1 Unattended Robots

so if its not a high density robot we can run one bot , one process in a machine

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Hello @hemal

Usually we can deploy one bot per machine. That’s the usual case. However,.if we going on high density robots that’s a different story. So as a normal use, one machine will have only one robot.

Also, a single robot can work on multiple processes irrespective of the task involved in each process. If you are using a orchestrator, you can allocate the robot between the departments when needed to perform different activities.

However, keep in mind that one robot will only work on a single task at a given time. Meaning it cannot work on multiple processes simultaneously. So when allocating tasks, we have to make sure we dont overlap tasks at a give time.

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let me explain in brief

–say we got a machine A now, and have installed UiPath robot (normal robot not high density robot)…
–and we have another machine B where we studio and have developed a process and have published that to a orchestrator.
–now we will be creating a ROBOT in orchestrator for that MACHINE A
so here comes the statement one robot deployed for only one machine that iis if we try to create another ROBOT for the same machine A then it will throw error that robot is already tagged to another machine

–though we have only one robot for one machine, we can execute many process in a single bot in that one machine
–that is lets take a process created in the ORCHESTRATOR for a published process from studio…
–while creating a process we will be mentioning the ENVIRONMENT for that process
and that environment will be having the robot name
–then i have another process created for HR and have published that to the same orchestrator…now i can create a process with same ENVIRONMENT tagged
–so if i run the first process or the second process, from JOBS tab i will be shown with the environment and the robot under that environment…
–i can choose that robot and click start so that the first process willl start executing
–but if i run another process with the same ROBOT when the first process is still executing then the robot will be in PENDING STATUS
that is until the first process completes execution the second process will wait and then only will begin
so one process at a time…

hope this would helpyou
Cheers @hemal


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