How can i have many robots in the same machine plz?

How can i have many robots in the same machine plz ?

have you used the orchestrator and robot tools?

I am using orchestrator yes

okey, there are to ways i know, the first is creating a workflow for each robot you want, when you end the development step, then publish it locally, when you do that in robot tool, you can watch and run all the robots you published,
and the other way is creating a machine and an environment in orchestrator, and creating the bots you need in the same machine, publishing of course not locally, but in the orchestrator.
hope this help you buddy, Regards!

Yes thank you, but i can’t see my process t in the robot tray if i change environnement

the environment you changed has the robots processes that you need to use?

Yes, because i don’t know how to have other robots

first you have to publish the robots in orchestrator buddy

it’s done

then go to the environment you are using, and update these new robots

ok then ?

configure the process with the environment

No sorry, i create new environement not new robots, i can’t create new robot with the same domaine/user

oh, i can understand the problem. see that buddy

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so one robot per account ?

yes dude, just one robot per account

otherwise i have to pay ?

i think the only way to do this is to add other user to the machine. But this will work only for unattended robots. But you did you know that?

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No i didn’t know that, thant you

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