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I Have Been Asked This Question in the interview
If There is process That need to be assigned to 5 UAT ,5 Development Robots ?How Wil U Achieve it?
How Should We Answer These Types Of Question ?

Need Suggestion !!!


@anand_desai - one way could be to use Source Control applications like GIT/TFS/SVN.
Available in UiPath -> Team.

Another approach to this question could be:

We have one process to be assigned to 5 robots on a given environment, whether UAT or DEV.

  1. Publish it to the respective Orchestrator environment (a DEV or UAT server or tenant, as applicable)
  2. Provision the required number of robots (e.g. 5) on the environment.
  3. If the process is under a modern folder, the robots should be configured accordingly (to be able to access the process and other resources such as assets and queues used by the process)
    Note: This is an additional detail which you may want to mention if you’re prepared to get further questions about classic and modern folders. :wink:
  4. Once this is set up, you can run the process through jobs assigned to one or more of the individual robots provisioned.

I hope this helps.

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